¿ Beach House Memories (Beach House #3) Á Download by ✓ Mary Alice Monroe

¿ Beach House Memories (Beach House #3) Á Download by ✓ Mary Alice Monroe

¿ Beach House Memories (Beach House #3) Á Download by ✓ Mary Alice Monroe Mary Alice Monroe's descriptions of the life of Lovie Rutledge intertwined with the beloved sea turtles keeps you captivated throughout the entire novel.
Lovie was one of my favorite characters in The Beach House.
I was very excited that Mrs.
Monroe decided to tell her story.
Once I started reading, it was very hard to put down.
Beach House Memories by Mary Alice Monroe Three and a half stars.
I couldn’t help but bring this home from the library as the cover reminded me very much of my favourite beach near where I live in Australia.
Plus I like Mary Alice Munroe’s books.
This is the third story I have read featuring Lovie Rutledge –The Turtle Lady and I enjoyed finding out exactly what happened to Lovie in 1974.

When visiting biologist Russell Bennett appears on the Isle of Palms, Lovie is prepared to dislike him thinking he does not have the interests of the island and her beloved sea turtles at heart.
That changes once she gets to know him more.
A difficult marriage with Stratton who expects Lovie to be the perfect Southern wife raising a perfectly behaved and ladylike daughter, and at Autumn Brings Haunting Beauty To The Sunsoaked Dunes On Isle Of Palms, Where Olivia “Lovie” Rutledge Lives In Her Beloved Primrose Cottage As The Seasons Change, Lovie Remembers One Special Summer…

In , America Is Changing, But Charleston Remains Eternally The Same When Lovie Married Aristocratic, Wellconnected Businessman Stratton Rutledge, She Turned Over Her Fortune And Fate To His Control But She Refused To Relinquish One Thing: Her Family’s Old Seaside Cottage Precious Summers With Her Children On The Barrier Island Are Lovie’s Refuge From Social Expectations And Her Overbearing Husband’s Philandering Here, She Is The “Turtle Lady,” Tending The Loggerhead Turtles That Lay Their Eggs In The Warm Night Sand And Then Slip Back Into The Sea

Then, In The Summer Of ‘, Biologist Russell Bennett Visits To Research The Loggerheads Their Shared Interest Brings Them Together, And Soon It Blooms Into A Passionate, Profound Love—forcing Lovie To Face An Agonizing Decision Stratton’s Influence Is Farreaching, And If She Dares To Dream Beyond A Summer Affair, She Risks Losing Her Reputation, Her Wealth, Even Her Children

This Emotional Tale Of A Strong Woman Torn Between Duty And Desire, Between Tradition And Change, Is An Empowering Journey Through The Seasons Of Selfdiscovery Until This Autumn, This Time Of Winds And Tides, Of Holding On And Letting Go… Lovie, Olivia, has spent her grown life being the perfect wife, homemaker and best mother she could be.
Her husband shows little appreciation for what Lovie does for his family and business as long as she keeps his cultivated professional appearance.
Deciding to further his career goals her husband decides to go to Europe and not spend time with his family this summer.

Lovie takes her 2 children to her beach home, the only place she finds solace and can be herself.
The people of Isle of Palm know Lovie as the Turtle Lady, she has been keeping track of the nesting turtles for over 10 years…a love she learned from her father.

This year Dr.
Russell Bennett, sea turtle specialist, arrives on Isle of Palm to do an impact study on the development of the North end Mary Alice Monroe has outdone herself again! I reread The Beach House, before reading this prequel that was published ten years later to refresh my memory of the characters.
I think this novel was even better! The characters are believable, likable and recognizable to those of us lucky enough to live in South Carolina.
The coast is a special place, and true to herself, Mary Alice encourages her readers to respect the wildlife in our state.
You can genuinely feel Lovie's relief when she escapes her schoolyear schedule to play with her children and friends at the beach for the summer.
Having visited Isle of Palms for years, I was also entranced with her depiction of the topography and the natives prior to Wild Dunes development.
You will wish you were sitting on the dunes with Lovie, watching a sea turtle nest erupting with new life! Once you walk into The Beach House, you won't wa This was an amazing book; I'm so lucky I won it on Goodreads! Set in South Carolina, Beach House Memories is a wonderful blend of romance, nature, and women's issues.
Lovie, the main character, is a young mother of two with a passion for sea turtles.
Some of her struggles are unique to the time period such as the expectation that women should stay at home with the children.
But the importance of raising children while trying to maintain some sense of individualism remains the same today.
I think women will always have different challenges than men simply because the ties to our children are different.

I have only been to South Carolina as a child so I don't remember a lot, but after reading this book I would love to v Spoilers for those who have not read Beach House #1 and Swimming Lessons otherwise known as Beach House #2).

I ultimately felt bored and slightly letdown by the third book in the series.
I honestly considered just passing it up since I am not a fan of reading about affairs in romance novels.
Between that and how Lovie honestly seemed to ignore her two kids for her "romance" I wasn't feeling the plot at all.
And when Monroe showed how and why Lovie ended up staying in her marriage I maybe went bah.

So "Beach House Memories" has a present day setting with Lovie and her daughter Caretta (Cara) who are at the beach house.
Lovie knows she has cancer and her days with her daughter are numbered.
From there Monroe has her reliving her memories from 1974 when she had an affair with a biologist who was in

~ Third book completed in May #CleanSweepARC Challenge.

This will not be the first time I've mentioned how much I love the Lowcountry.
It will certainly not be the last; it's one of my favorite southern fictional settings.
Monroe's love for the Lowcountry is also evident in her stories.
This time, she has combined her passion for the beautiful coastal islands and the preservation of loggerhead sea turtles and their hatchlings.
Mary Alice tells two stories here really, one of Olivia Rutledge, a woman trying to make a difference in her beloved beach community, who's trying to hold on to her family, love, and memories.
Second, and what I found most interesting, a story that revolves around preserving the nests of sea turtles and protecting the Beach House Memories.
what a phenomenal book to follow Beach House and Swimming Lessons.
My heart soared and broke right along with Lovie.
I adored her character after the first two books but to find out her story.
Wow! It is an amazing journey of heartache, love, loss, devotion, and friendship.

Growing up and still going to the beach every summer I've always loved the ocean and all it's marvelous creatures.
However, after reading Beach House and Swimming Lessons my love for sea turtles grew.
Beach House Memories shines so much more light on Lovie's devotion to them.
Not only is it a great read, it's inspiring as well (like so many of Mary Alice's books!).
I encourage anyone who has read this book to get involved with the efforts to protect the sea turtles.
If you're not lucky enough to live near the beach or be part of a turtle team, y I have such mixed emotions after reading "Lovie's story!" I loved learning about the Loggerhead Turtle Project! How exciting to witness the miraculous journey of the Mother Loggerhead as well as the babies back to the sea! They have to overcome such adversity and dangers just to survive.
It is my sincerest hope that the Loggerhead Turtle Project is still functioning and that many lives are saved as a result.
I wish we had Loggerheads on the West Coast.
I, too, am a beach girl, having grown up on California 's Central Coast .
Many days during my youth were spent running the beaches with my sisters.
Such glorious, carefree days! It is, again, quite obvious that Ms.
Monroe does her homework! The research that went into writing BEA

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